Lure / Spoon Naming Contest

I ran the following contest to help name my line of lures. I received many suggestions that were good, some jokester type, some clever (Brian’s Fish Fry Guarrentee, The Skunk Fix and Finn Lander) from many sources including my kids. My own choice before running the contest was Action King. In the end I chose a combination of Finn Lander and Action King and settled on Finn Action. Even though many of us liked the Finn Lander name, to most non-finns, it brings up the image of a Finlander and has nothing to do with fishing, fins or landing fish… you have to see the spelling in order for it’s cleverness to be revealed. So, there you have it. Walt K. will get the grand prize of $50 with his clever suggestion that I ended up using a portion of in the name.

Here were some of the ideas, to name a few: From my kids: Brian’s lure lines, deadly bait, deadly metal, metal by the mouthful, delicious looking metal,

From others: Finn Lander, Fish Cove Lures, Brian’s Bait Lures, Lure Them In, Tackle Cove, The Skunk Fix, The Coves Tackle Co, Crown Lures, Catch Em, Trophy Spoons, Easy Catch Spoons, Deep Spoon Divers, The Trophy Spoon, Catch of the Spoon, Slip Spoons, Alure shoppe, Acme Spoon store, Buoys fishin shop, Buoy’s Lures,

Here wast the contest:

Would you like a chance to make an easy $50? Name my new Lure Company.

Many of you know that I have been testing spoons and working on a new one that I will be introducing at the Superior Dome in Marquette on March 23rd, 24th and 25th. I need to come up with a name for the “line of lures” (or Lure Company). I want a name that is different than “Sand Point Charters” (my Fishing Charter Business) and I have a few ideas that I may or may not use.

I also plan to have separate names for each of the paint designs such as Calvinator, named after one of my “fishing buddy” sons.

To include you in the naming process, just “Like” my Facebook “Sand Point Charters” page AND share it with your friends. If I use your name suggestion for the new Lure Company, I will send you a $50 check. If I use your name suggestion for one of the paint designs, you will get a free Sand Point Charters hat or one of my lures. (see available hats at my “hats and Shirts” link).

You can enter as many times as you want. I prefer short names, no more than 3 words, preferably 2 that are descriptive of these new lures.  I will be ending the contest on Saturday, February 18th and post results soon after that. I reserve the right to accept or reject any entries. In the event 2 people submit the same name, the first one submitted will be considered.

I’ve included some photos to give an idea of what I’m doing. The 2 spoons on the left are the ones we will be painting and decorating to make them more attractive to fish. They are about 5 inches long overall.

Additionally, to give you an idea how the spoon works, see my video on You-Tube and note the “diving action” of the spoon. It has more action and better quality hooks than the average spoon, and can be fished faster near the surface than most. It mimics a wounded fish with its erratic action.

To enter, just email me at and include

Your name:

Your suggestions for the new Lure Company:

Your suggestions for individual paint designs:

and don’t forget to “Like” my facebook Sand Point Page AND share it with your friends!

To qualify for the prize money or hat you need to “Like” my Facebook “Sand Point Charters” page.