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Fish Tacos & Boat Rescue on the Rocks

  Late on a Saturday In the end of July, I was checking my email, But I don’t know why. My days were all full With charters of fishing, Sightseeing and cruising, Without any wishing. My eye caught a message From someone like me, With the same first name, So I had to see…   […]

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Gull Rock and Manitou Lighthouse Poem

Manitou Island, is such a neat place To visit and roam, Rock hunters embrace. With numerous agates, around all its shore Most visitors love it, and come back for more.   Looking for gems, combing the beaches Lay out in the sun, or explore the far reaches. Find some adventure, it never gets old The […]

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Summer Trolling and Time Passing Us By

Wow what a summer, that passed us by Caught lots of lake trout, under clear blue sky. With charters so busy, and no extra time Neglecting these blogs, seems like a crime. When out on the water, My wife will attest Time passes me by, and that’s why it’s best. To stay out as long, […]

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Stannard Rock – Ice Fishing?

Below is an article written by Gazette writer Jim Junttila that appeared in the Daily Mining Gazette on Friday, March 10, 2018 that he gave me permission to re-print here on my blog. Brian Stannard Rock is a great summer fishing destination, but who would want to go ice fishing there? By Jim Junttila for the […]

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Winter – When Stannard Rock is just Memories and Dreams!

Boy, I can’t wait for the Stannard Rock charter fishing season to ramp up once again! We’ll splash the boat in around May 1st and be ready for any hardy Lake Trout fishermen (or women) who want to go after the big trout of Lake Superior. I’ve got several trips on the schedule book, including […]

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Boat Show and Winter Scooting on By

Last weekend (gosh, that was actually over a week ago now) we spent time with friends at the Chicago Boat show talking about fishing charters and lighthouses. It was a great way to spend a couple days, even though I’m not really in the market for a boat, it’ always fun to look at them. […]

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Superior Shoals Lake Trout Fishing

  Interested in a fishing trip of a lifetime? Join me for a unique, rare, fun-filled day in Canadian waters at the Superior Shoals! Imagine fishing where the fish have never seen man-made baits, where they are hungry and strike at anything you show them! You already know how much fun fishing is aboard the […]

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Reflecting on Trolling, Friends

Trolling is the choice to make When you want some fun You drag some lures to hook a fish Then you let it run When you see one jumping Far behind the boat It cannot be a Laker A good chance it’s a Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)   For an aggressive Steelhead Let him work the […]

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Fish Poem

If you want to catch some fish You can book a charter, you know But if you want advice Read the facts below Chinooks (or Kings) like early mornings When the light is dim Sunshine keeps their mouths shut Then the catch is slim If you troll for Lake Trout They like it slow and […]

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Fishing in the Keweenaw

Early in the season I pull out a few Splake From the Mendota Channel And some from in the Lake (Superior) Mid-summer Eagle Harbor Is the port to fish Where there’s Lake Trout in abundance To fulfill your wish At Stannard Rock it’s Lake Trout Though Coho Salmon sometimes are there And even an occasional […]

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