Pondering and Waiting (for Spring)

Before Refinishing

As I look outside at the pure white snow
I wonder, “When is it time to go?”
When the trawler is ready and the work is all done
Will the boys be eager, or will they want to run?

The older one soon to be 16 has a friend
Who’s a girl, so happy, time together they spend.
The younger one just turned into a teen
When on the water, if it’s rough he turns green.

Then there’s my wife who throws up at the thought
Of bouncing on surf, turns her stomach in knots.
She’ll skip Lake Superior and board later on
And ride the St. Mary’s river and beyond.

Will they want to stay home
Where it’s safe, calm and friendly?
And I travel alone?
Soon we will see….
Recently, I refinished the main wheel and painted the cupboard doors and drawers. Soon, Margaret will design some graphics for the larger doors for the 2 heads and sliding doors for closets. Again, I find myself wishing my boat could be indoors where I could access it and do some stripping and varnishing, and reinstalling all the parts I have at home, but it’ll have to wait until spring.
Next week, M and I will be in Florida for a printing conference (that she’s attending) and I’ll do some browsing in marinas, marine stores and whatever else I can find to do. (If you’ll be there, maybe we can hook up for some fishing or? (coffee, lunch etc…)
By the way, everything Great Loop related is summarized and detailed on their website: http://www.greatloop.org/ It’s a great resource, so check it out. They also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AGLCA/
Another good Facebook page is Trawler Living and Cruising: https://www.facebook.com/groups/trawlerlving/

After MANY coats of varnish and LO.TS of sanding

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