Sturgeon bay to Winthrop Harbor

Before my alarm
I woke the next morning,
The time change threw me
It gave me no warning.

The sky was lit up
We’d lost an hour,
Of travel that’s crucial
My thoughts – they went sour.

The forecast predicted
Strong wind on this day,
If that came true
We’d have to pay.

Image may contain: food
The boys made some welsh biscuits on the boat. Yumm!!

Winds from port stern
Pushed us along
Wasn’t so bad
They never got strong.

The boys toured this Ludington tug in Kewaunee, WI, which is a self guided tour with electronic recorders.

That night in Kewaunee
The boys toured a tug,
There Margaret did meet us
In our bed it was snug.

Image may contain: ocean, outdoor and water
Lighthouse at Kewaunee port.

After a weekend
Home with the gang,
Me and the boys
Were off with a bang.

Out before sunrise
We had to make time,
MORE wind was predicted
And no time to pine.

Thick fog on the water
I had to rely,
On instruments only
Or we may die.

Warnings were issued
By NOAA somewhere,
On radio waves
Small crafts to beware.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and ocean
A half dozen birds hitched a ride during the fog. I think they were exhausted from flying and didn’t know where land was.

I told myself
I’ve done this before,
Less traffic to deal with
More miles we’ll score.

Port Washington for fuel
Pump-out and food,
Too late for touring
But the showers were good.

Tuesday’s lake waters
Were just the same,
Visibility lacking
But waves were tame.

Image may contain: outdoor
The Yooper Looper Sitting on the dock at Winthrop Harbor, Il
This marina is HUGE!! 1477 floating slips!

My eyes, the radar
Compass and chart,
We made Winthrop Harbor
Long before dark.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, beard and outdoor

We’ve been cruising along
But not every day,
Half the time home
But not long to stay.

Leaving the boat here
Five days or more,
Home by the weekend
Then to restore.

Our food and water
And maybe our crew,
You’re always welcome
And I hope you do.

Come to visit our boat
And have some fun,
Call it adventure
Yooper Looper on the run!

No photo description available.
We went for a bikeride today, and stopped at a shooting range and found this inside… a model tank made from an army helmet.

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