Green Turtle to Pickwick Landing

From Green Turtle Bay
A Courtesy car,
Over our limit
We drove very far.

Left my Suburban
Near Sugar Tree town,
To transport my daughter
When she is home-bound.

Through Barkley Canal
From East to the West,
Traveling in daylight
Is what we like best.

A very big park-
Land Between the Lakes,
By the Tennessee River
We put on the brakes.

With wildlife galore
And many large bays,
It’s worth a few stops
And overnight stays.

Dropping the anchor
In Duncan Bay,
Exploring the shoreline
A cold night we did stay.

Frost on the railings
Was not going to stop,
My son from swimming
So down he did hop!

Deep in the water
At 50 degrees,
Then back in again
I thought he would freeze.

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Air was less than 40, with frost overnight, and water just under 50!

30 Miles up river
Paris Landing State Park,
At McWherter fixed bridge
Docking near dark.

Rangers were friendly
Showing us reptiles,
The boys even held them
Brought on some smiles.

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The kids held snakes at the state park.

The next day was Thursday
With time we went slow,
Pulled into a harbor
To see where it’d go.

Then running aground
At Harmon Creek,
Changed our plans
We moved on to seek…

A safer harbor
Using Skipper Bob’s guide,
Pebble Isle Marina
Was just a short ride.

To stock up on food
With a courtesy car,
Waverly City
Was not very far.

Then Cuba Landing
Was our next stop,
Just 20 miles
It felt like a hop.

Met Ellie and Tom
With roots from back home,
Had interests in common
On boats also roamed.

Left Yooper Looper
Moored for 2 nights,
Drove over to Nashville
To see some more sights.

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Daughter Andrea at Opryland Hotel.

Dropped off our Andrea
And her 12 year old son,
Their ride was done now
But it was such fun!

Christmas light hanging
Was all done by Bruce,
With wire and duct tape
They couldn’t come loose.

Bruce, making our boat look like Christmas Season.

On Saturday morning
Left Cuba Landing,
Interesting houses
On both shorelines standing.

Ready for flooding
On stilt after stilt
All in a line
‘Cause that’s how they’re built.

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LOTS of flood-ready houses along the river.
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Some houses more stout than others.

At Eagle’s Nest Island
O’er night on the hook,
Anchor light shining
Marg reading a book.

‘Twas somewhat scary
To think we might drift
And end up on rocks
Causing a rift.

Woke up near dawn
Something went “thump,”
A log hit our keel
And made a loud bump.

With mom still in bed
The day started early,
The boys pulled the anchor
And the river was squirrelly

Making slow progress
Upstream we went,
To Pickwick State Harbor
The day was all spent.

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Pickwick Lock at night after 12 hours on the water.

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Some precarious houses along the Tennessee River.
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Lots of these cool houses.
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Notice the high doors at the State Capitol building in Nashville.
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Nashville congressional room. They have part time Representatives, not in session.
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Capitol building.
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Son Bruce at the war museum.
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Margie, Andrea and Rodney. We were too lazy to put the motor on.
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Grandson Rodney at Johnsonville Historical Park.
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Son Andy… we did a scavenger hunt style history lesson.
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From left – Brian, Margaret, Andrea, Andy, Bruce and Rodney. (not sure what the soldiers name is.)

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Son Andy passing time.
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Yours Truly (Brian) – notice the AGLCA flag (American Great Loop Cruisers Assoc.)