Last Leg For Winter Season

At Orange Beach Marina
Just East of Gulf Shores,
We stayed a long time
Good friends there and more.

Saltwater fishing
For Sheepshead and Drum,
Using the dinghy
At least we caught some.

With eyes like a mammal
And ivory teeth,
It’s no surprise
They’re named after sheep.

Their needle sharp spines
Had punctured our boat,
And required patches
To keep it afloat.

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Bruce with a keeper Sheepshead – notice the sharp spines – He was a little reluctant to hold it!
We punctured our boat twice with their spines.

Passing our time
By biking around,
The trails there are endless
No snow on the ground.

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26 Miles of bike/walking trails in the Orange Beach State Park, some like this and some paved.

Finally Margaret
Was able to come,
We drove to Florida
We all got some sun.

Visited siblings
My sister and brother,
Bruce swam in the ocean
One wave after another.

A wedding back home
Shortened our stay,
A son who got married
On Valentines day.

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Home for a short time for son Calvin and Morika wedding.

Soon after the wedding
I took to the skies,
With United Airlines
Now selling my prize.

My prize is my boat
Which I’m ready to sell,
The Yooper Looper
Performed very well.

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Painting deck to prepare for selling the Yooper Looper.

I’ll buy another
To continue the quest,
Being on the water
Always is best.

Then in the future
Through the Erie Canal,
Down the Hudson River
Into the New York locale.

I’ll recap the rest
When the time is right,
For now I am done
I wish you a good night!

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View from biking bridge over the highway.
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Stopped here for a lunch of Sushi! There were nearly 100 people inside buying fresh seafood and 6 registers with clerks selling constantly.
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There was about a dozen people getting orders ready, besides the 6 register clerks!
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A pelican watching us fish under the bridge. Sheepshead hang out on the pillars feeding there.
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A black drum and a sheepshead… the first couple fish that I caught.
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Some really neat docks with covered slips.
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I hired a diver to change my anodes from magnesium to zinc.
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Boat on the right never moved in the 2 months I was there, but a full-time deckhand polished it every day, keeping it ready for the owner.
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Gulf Shores/Orange Beach sunset.