Itching to fish, visited Menahga, Mn instead

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Got a call from Urho on Thursday with an invite to go to Isle Royale for a weekend of fishing the best waters on the lake, but I passed it up. Sometimes NORMAL life plans get in the way and I have to spend time with the family.
Instead our family spent last weekend in Minnesota since our oldest daughter Andrea lives there with her hubby and 2 kids. Son Gordon and his wife Amanda are also there temporarily with their new baby Kaily. Also, daughter in law Heidi was there with her 2 girls, so all of our grand kids were in the same place on Sunday after church.
Kaily was baptised on Saturday afternoon at the other grand parents house, Annette and Doug.
Oh yeah, our trip was a little noteworthy, since we left after school on Friday to drive the 402 miles across 3 states. Well I’m counting Michigan, Wisconsin and Mn when I say ACROSS. It is not a bad distance to travel in an evening, IF you have a long evening AND good adult company. (and the adult company can hold it for a NORMAL length of time)
As it was, we had 4 young boys and 3 girls, plus mom and I and we started out hungry, so we all had an apple to keep the hunger at bay until we reached Ewen where Leo is living while attending Gogebic College there. A quick 1/2 hour (or so) visit with Leo and a P ‘n J or two and we were on the road again.
I tried to sleep while 16 year old Julia drove and MAY have gotten a few zzzz in between the boys fighting and the rest listening to a cd story.
Somewhere along the way, I juiced up with coffee, which actually works on me since I drink very little. Julia gave up the wheel to me and I drove the remaining 150 miles to arrive in Menahga around 1:30 pm EST, or 1/2 hour after midnight their time.
The night was somewhat sleepless, since we were now on a farm, with strange noises all night long… mostly cows mooooing, it seemed right below our window. I got up before the rest of the crew and took a walk.
After breakfast with Margie, I had coffee with the farmers, namely Wayne and CJ, his helper. son-in-law Loren stopped by a little later in the morning with his rig, a logging truck, and invited me to join him on a haul up to Bemiji, Mn, which is about a 4 hour run, including load and un-loading.
At any rate, I am ready to fish some more and plan to go out on Thursday if anyone cares to join me on my Helm-n-Buoys,my 19 foot Harbercraft. The Fishin Mission is partially winterized and will not return to the water until next spring.

Margie, Kaily, Cassie, Rodney, Amy, Brian and Darrell, All 5 of our Grandkids!

Stanley milking in the barn

Stan and Bruce in the cow barn

Loren loading his still-new toy

Son-in-law Loren's loaded rig

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