Last Day on Lake Superior for the year, Spawning Lake Trout Done!

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Wally, Sven, Stanley, Leo and I, spent a very nice day on the Big Lake yesterday (November 7). The water temp was 45 and the air around 50 with plenty of sunshine. We tried to find a new spawning area, but the depth was a little deeper than expected and we found no lakers. We did, however, pick up a very nice 6.5 lb Steelhead. Leo caught it on a orange, black and gold silver streak on a dypsy diver about 45 feet down in 90 feet of water. We then tried fishing in 10 to 20 feet of water near the island, but after a couple of snags and no bites, gave up for the year.

Sure wish I had my Lowrance HD on the Harbercraft to show the fish a little better. My old fish finder on this little boat doesn’t show fish very well beyond 30 feet or so. I WILL have one on this craft next year as it has become an essential piece of equipment on my big boat… gosh, the budget for ESSENTIAL electronics and fishing gear is adding up. I’ll have to be extra good so Santa rewards me well. 

We went airborne a couple of times on the way back, just for fun. Time to put the boat away now.

Here ares some picts of the big boat as it sits in my yard. Still have to shrink the plastic to make it tight before the wind blows hard again.

Last weekend, Margie and I had to use up (or loose) a couple of free airline tickets, so we ended up in Fort Lauderdale for a few days. Coincidentally, we ended up there during the largest boat show in the world. See:

Here is the inside of the 80 foot boat


I spent one morning on an ocean fishing charter, fishing for Kingfish, but came up dry. This was a party-type barge with 25 people and we came back with only 6 fish total. This picture shows the only Kingfish caught


Here is a dream fishing boat... that I will own someday


In Fort Lauderdale the boats went on and on... 8 miles of dockspace in the boat show filled with boats

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