Nice Lake Trout Fillets and Cheeks

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Aren’t these the nicest color lake trout fillets ever??? Tasty TOO!

Our lake trout from the Keweenaw waters (or Copper Country as some call it) are the best looking, leanest and most tasty lakers in the entire world. OK, I realize that’s a bold statement to make, but just look at these fillets of the limit of lake trout that I caught this morning.

It was an off day (no charter), so what did I do? I got up with the birds, watched the sun-rise over Lake Superior while I was setting lines to troll the bottom for trout and the surface for coho salmon and steel head. No luck on the latter 2, but at least the trout were hungry for my home-spun baits.

For those who don’t recognize the “nuggets” of meat here (I think most people can identify the fillets) they are the cheeks of the 5 lakers… 10 in all because the normal laker has 2 cheeks each. To me, and my kids, they are a delicacy that we always remove, even if my clients don’t want them.


Sem-close-up of the “Nuggets” (cheeks of the lake trout)



Sun-rise as I was setting lines for trolling


the day is just dawning as I leave the channel


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Brian is the owner and Captain of Sand Point Charters, LLC. He also owns and operates Designotype Printers, Inc. with his wife, Margaret. They have a cottage on Lac La Belle that can be rented by the week in the summertime.

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