We're quite a catch!

image of catch from sand point charters

Mike and his crew after their day on the water. One Coho and lots of lake trout.

Thanks for the great charter. Will try to do again next year. Thanks to (deckhand) Doug as well.

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– 3-time client, Mike
image of catch from sand point charters

Jim’s gang after the first day of fishing.

Brian – most appreciation from our entire family of fishers for the fine service and great experience. Max’s 8 pounder was exciting, but so was every smaller fish!  You are a quality guy. Jack ain’t bad, either! Best regards to you and family

– Jim

fish caught with sand point chartersThank you! We loved our trip – more importantly, the groom loved the trip!

Back in the heat of Texas now, though :(  Missing that cool breeze off the top of Lake Superior.

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– Dane
lake trout caught with captain brian of sand point charters

Bob’s son with a nice Lake Trout. He later caught a small mouth bass in Lac La Belle.

Thanks so much for your time on Friday with my family giving them a great fishing experience.  In my job role I work very closely with our safety department so I was very impressed with your safety orientation and explanation of all the safety features on the boat.

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– Bob

family fishing with sand point charters, michiganJanice, Kathryn, and I truly enjoyed our fishing experience aboard the “Fishin Mission”. Definitely one of the highlights of our vacation. The salmon were great on the grill that evening.

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– Scott
10 fish caught at Stannard Rock, lake superior

Tim and Sharon with their limit of 10 fish for the day from Stannard Rock

Hi Brian! We had such a great time fishing last summer! Tim and I are looking ahead at our schedule and hoping to be able to book another trip with you! Sharon and I had one of the best times we have had for awhile. I shipped 30lbs of lake trout home and though they were frozen everyone had enjoyed some fantastic lake Superior lake trout. We have recommended your service to anyone who has been interested.

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– Tim
fishing with sand point charters, lake superior

Pat and Rob with their catch

Just wanted to let you know I drove back a day early to use my day off to smoke the fish. I used a pickling spice brine overnight, let dry, and smoked at 180 deg. for 7 hours. An old captain in Grand Haven suggested a light brush of maple syrup just before done. The fish was fantastic! I can’t wait to share at work.

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– Rob
13 pounder caught on lake superior

Cindy’s Mother Helen with the biggest catch of the day… 13 pounds

We all enjoyed the time we spent out on the water. The fish tasted great and your son and you both were very enjoyable to be with. We will surely see you again next time we are up that way.

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– Cindy
fighting a lake trout on lake superior

Susan Fighting a Laker

Great trip, hope to get back one of these years!

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– Susan and Martin
fishing picture of dan langford on the boat with sand point chartersWow!  What a way to celebrate my birthday! Couldn’t ask for better weather or a better fishing experience out at Stannard Rock. Not only did I catch the fish of a lifetime with that thirty-pound Laker, but diving off the boat at the lighthouse was the icing on the cake. Your pleasant personality, knowledge of the sport and the surrounding area, and many fish stories all helped to make the trip enjoyable – oh and I don’t want to forget the delicious smoked Lake Trout snack.
– Dan Langford (and his wife Ann who planned the surprise) - Pinckney, Michigan

“Thanks Brian – for a great day of late September lake trout fishing.  If you ordered the weather it could not have been better. Sunny skies and calm winds made for some comfortable time on the water.  The Fishin’ Mission is a great boat to get out on Superior in and the lake trout were biting pretty good with several over 6 pounds.  Mike was delighted with the catch – for him a first!

If you want an enjoyable fishing trip with a great guy, give Sand Point Charters a call and schedule some time with Captain Brian!  Thanks again from both of us!”

Steve Williams

Stannard Rock again Plus a Variety

Well, we are almost through August and this last 1/2 of the month in the Keweenaw has been a little rough on Lake Superior, which is usual for this time of year. We have averaged 7 fish per trip in the last 2 weeks, which is about 1.5 fish per hour… not great, but still […]

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King Salmon and Bobbing in the Waves

“There’s something going on with that planer board on the port side,” my sea sick, Aerospace Researcher, chumming the fish, dad of two 20-some-year-old boys shouts. His son, Electrical Engineer, Mike, also looking a little green around the gills… I mean pale in the face, grabs the rod and starts to crank viciously on the […]

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Summertime fun on Lac La Belle and Lake Superior

Almost a month has gone by since my last post because it’s been a whirlwind of (mostly) fishing (for lake trout), (some) sightseeing (Gull rock and Manitou Lighthouse) and general summer activities. Times fun when you’re having flies… I mean times fun when you’re having fish… I mean… oh, forget it. Suffice it to say […]

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Fishing and Sightseeing Charter Fun and Challenges

Here is a brief summary (see photos below) of the life of a charter boat captain when he brings a mish-mash of people from different parts of the globe trolling for trout and salmon. Had a busy week and a half with many outings, some great and some just ok, as we averaged 8 fish […]

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Stannard Rock and Lac La Belle Fishing

With a couple of windy days in a row keeping me off Lake Superior, I’m sitting here singing That Old Enemy Wind song “…it really makes it tough, when the lake is so rough…” Canceled one of the afternoon fishing/sightseeing trip to Manitou Island, 2.5 miles off the Keweenaw Peninsula and did a short stint […]

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Coho, Perch, Lake Trout and more Lake Trout

Today is a rainy day in the Keweenaw Peninsula, so here I sit, just dreaming of lake trout fishing, instead of trolling out there on Bete Grise, or Lac La Belle. The past month has flown by with a trip to ND, a camping trip with the boys at *“Slod’s” and some fishing in between. […]

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Season Start with 4 Species & 17 Lake Trout

Had a couple of nice surprises on Friday while fishing with Dudz. We left Calumet in the morning with the “Helm-n-Buoys” (my 19 foot Harbercraft) in tow since there was much to prepare for the weekend adventure to Stannard Rock. The anticipation was high for both of us, since it was to be the first […]

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Splake – The Keweenaw Splake Anglers

Splake is the subject of the day here. Last Saturday, in Copper Harbor, there was a meeting of the Keweenaw Splake Anglers – a small group of people helping to protect and continue Splake plants in Copper Harbor.

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image of lean and fat lake trout myths

“Fat” Lake Trout Myths

Yes, lake trout have more fat than walleye, crappie, white fish, salmon and others, but the lean lake trout that we catch have a 10% to 15% fat content. The other lake trout species, Siscowet – the deep “fats” – have over 50% fat content, but we rarely catch them, because we don’t fish that deep. Also, the fats in fish aren’t artery clogging saturated fats, but are the good, heart healthy omega-3 fats that are essential for growth.

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action stacker to increase catch rate

Using Stackers with Downrigger Trolling to Increase Catch Rate

Here is a video about a stacker… a device that I use on my boats when trolling with down-riggers or dipsy divers for salmon and lake trout.
The video covers most of it, but here are some key points to review: (see the video first.)

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