Round Whitefish, Coho and Lake Trout on Recent Trips

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Every time I sit down to write, I see the date of the last writing and marvel at how many days (and sometimes weeks) have past since then… it must mean I’m having fun, because as the saying goes, “time flies when…” It also makes me realize if I’m not having fun, I better change that fast because life as we know it here doesn’t last long.

Anyway, the last few times out, we’ve caught some coho salmon and lake trout on greens (for lakers) and orange dodger with pink or reddish flies. They’ve been deep with the surface water was still around 65, but we still pull some planer boards with FinnAction Lures (pink colors with pink prism tape) or Silver Streaks, watermelon favored on my boat. Planer set-ups run on the surface, of course, but they have caught nothing lately.

Last week was windy and rainy so we did not get on the lake then.

Recently I brought out Financial Adviser, Tom and his EMT son. We were scheduled to fish from the Helm-n-Buoys, my 19 footer, but the wind was a little too much to get out far where the good fishing was, so we decided on the 30 footer. It turned out to be a good decision and we came in with 8 nice lake trout and two coho salmon, a limit for the two happy fishermen. They couldn’t remember ever catching a limit of trout anywhere, so they were pleased.

A few of the lake trout were caught on a one-of-a-kind #6 hammered silver (nickel plated brass) spoon with two strips of glow tape on the back and a green prism stripe on the front. It’s been a good, self decorated spoon that has caught many lakers… I’ll have to do some more for next summer and perhaps add it to my FinnAction Lure company line. Gotta love those green, pink and glow lure tapes carried by, along with many other lure making supplies.

We just ran 4 lines, one on the surface, which just washed a couple lures, one on a dipsy diver and 2 down-riggers because of currents trying to tangle lines. Water depth between 130 and 160 where there was a sharp temp break near the bottom showing on the sonar. The dipsy diver was unproductive until I put a magnum diver on “0” with a 7 strand wire line with 325 feet of line out. In other words, we had to be deep, near the sharp temp break before we started to catch fish on the diver.

On Tuesday, I brought a nice honeymooning couple from Ohio out on my Harbercraft and fished hard for a long time before coming in with 8 lake trout and one menominee. See:

Lawyer Sirena and her hubby, AT&T Man, Matt enjoyed trolling for trout in several places before we beached the boat at the Montreal river, where Matt caught the round whitefish, or menominee, as we call them.

There is still time to fish or get out sightseeing to see the fall colors before I put the boats away, so give me a call soon to book your trip.

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