Stannard Rock Fishing for trophy Lake Trout – Spur of the Moment Trip

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Stannard Rock Light on 8-3-10, Full Day Trip for Lakers

Tim and Sharon with their limit of 10 fish for the day from Stannard Rock before noon!

This morning we met at 5:30 am at the Lac la Belle launch dock with the intent to fish in Bete Grise for lake trout, coho, steelhead and/or king salmon (chinook). As we left motored out to my favorite spot, I mentioned, on a whim, that we could fish at Stannard Rock for the day instead of my usual spots in Bete Grise. (Tim had mentioned that he’s like to see Sharon catch a BIG lake trout) We have not caught anything very big locally, so I said we could to to the rock if they had the time. I didn’t have an afternoon charter, so I was free and able. My deck hands were also flexible, so the decision was made “spur of the moment.”

Tried jigging for a short time in a place where we had nailed lakers before, but only one was boated, by Sharon. Thanks for “getting the skunk out of the boat,” Sharon!

The drift was too fast to effectively fish, so we motored to “Spot Excellent”, just 3 miles away. Shortly after setting 2 downrigger lines, we began to catch fish, with a short slow time for a snack break. Had a triple going one time, but lost one or two, then later, had  a double where Sharon and Tim both boated their fish.

No wall hangers today, with couple 10 pounders, but as Tim said… “a couple of these would be mounted on the wall if caught in his area. All were nice natives, dark with orange fins, very healthy with no lamprey marks on them.
Oh, yeah, forgot to post about Saturday, when I fished for pleasure with the boys and caught 4 nice lakers, one 12 lbs.
On Sunday afternoon, me and family and friends 4 wheeled out to the mouth of the Montreal river, where Calvin caught 2 brookies in the falls by the lake. Of course the boys want to go back.

Quite a “land breeze” blowing today here at the cottage, but the lake was pretty calm all day on the water.

Check for more photos on the “Gallery” page.

Getting many requests to charter out to Isle Royale,  so I’ll have to do more checking into it.

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