Stannard Rock Trip and Some Local Fishing

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We had a great trip to Stannard Rock last week with fairly calm waters and a nice warm day.

We set out from Lac La Belle just before 7 am in the dark and fog, but as we approached lake Superior we realized it was only near-shore… the big lake was clear and calm. Less than 1-1/2 hours later we were fishing near the lighthouse.

Seeing no action in shallow water (the surface was still in the low 50’s), we went deeper and found a few fish. Ken and John scored first and they caught them on jigging poles with a 5 to 6 oz. jig with treble stinger hooks and a smelt.

We then trolled for a while which is how we caught most of the 15 or so fish for the day. For a while it was looking like we would soon limit out and thought we didn’t have enough cooler space, but the bite slowed and after releasing 3 fish, we went home with an even dozen.

The ride home was pleasant and we got in just in time to fillet the fish and tidy up the boat before dark and ready for the next trip.

The next day, Friday, I was on the water out of Copper Harbor with a couple of local clients as it was too rough on Bete Grise from a south-west wind. After nailing a 2 lb Coho almost immediately, we thought we’d be in the fish, but that proved to be the only salmon. We then went deep for lake trout and caught 5 lakers, mostly on a meat pole. Nothing big here, but really lean and healthy meat good for eating.

After a couple more windy days over the weekend, I fished yesterday with a 10-year anniversary couple from WI on flat water in Bete Grise again. Trolling was a little slow, but we came in with a few meals worth… 4 lake trout in all after releasing 1 small coho and one small laker.

I’m about ready to winterize my boat, but I still could be convinced to take another trip to Stannard Rock if someone twists my arm a little  😉 Really it wouldn’t take much twisting, I’m always chomping at the bit and ready to go… $400 would cover my fuel and Thursday’s weather forecast looks good… anybody??

By the way, I will still be fishing on my 19 footer for a couple more weeks if anyone wants to get out.

See some recent pictures here:


Jennifer and Trent Double

A double from Bete Grise yesterday with a couple from WI.

John & B Stnrd Rock double

Here are a couple Stannard Rock Lake Trout caught on my FinnAction Lures. John is holding the 10 pounder that he caught. Nice dark native.

Mel Copper Harbor

Local fisherman Mel, with a Copper Harbor Lake Trout


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