Ultimate Fishing Show, Detroit – Report

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Anyone who’s interested in fishing can benefit from ,and have fun at, fishing expositions because no matter how much you know about fishing it’s only a small fraction of what there is to know. In other words, fishing is a lifelong learning experience because you can never learn it all. As one elderly fisherman told me about fly rod fishing at the show “you could spend your whole life studying about fly fishing and still be learning. There are college degrees that will help you understand part of it. One degree that would help is Entomology, the study of bugs and insects. The other is Ichthyology, the study of fish and what they eat.” He was a man that knew a lot about fly fishing, but as he admitted, he is still learning.”

I spent 2 days at the Ultimate Fishing Show, Detroit and some of my kids spent a few hours. The whole show was 4 days long, from Thursday through Sunday, but I could not spend the entire time there unfortunately. Actually, I feel fortunate that I was able spend even 2 days there learning. Andy and the boys tried their hand at a simulated fishing experience. VERY much like the real fight at the Michigan Charter Boaters Association booth.

Much of the education for me was about bass fishing as I attended 4 or 5 seminars specifically on small mouth and large mouth bass. My focus over the last 10 years has been “big lake” fishing for Lake trout, Coho salmon, Steelhead and Chinook salmon, but I realize I can’t always get out on Lake Superior, so I am learning the finer details of inland lake fishing.

Bass provide a very good fight and our local lakes hold some first-class small mouth bass. Last summer, the boys and I caught our share of 5 to 6 pound small mouth bass in Lac La Belle, but with the tips and techniques learned in the seminars, we will be increasing our success rate. Some of the methods taught were using jerk baits, crank baits, tubes and other plastics and jigs, each of which have their time and place that work the best.

Some good sources for general tackle are Franks:http://www.franksgreatoutdoors.com/fishing or for the best local place Northwoods Trading post: http://www.northwoodsports.com/ or Indian Country Sports: http://www.indiancountrysports.com

Bass Pro Shop has some good plastic tube baits and some instruction on how to use them effectively. And http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/ has some very effective crank baits.
Here is a very unusual pre-historic looking outboard motor used for running in shallow water and mud. Never saw anything like it before.

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