Departure Approaching – Poem

Since last I wrote
It’s been a long time,
A lot has been done
It feels like a crime.

That you’ve not been up-dated
On the Yooper Looper trawler,
So I’ll try to relate
How we’ve been spending our dollars.

With the chartering season
Now coming to end,
Now I have time
And money to spend.

Last winter was spent
On up-holstery and more,
Rounding up parts
From the marine vinyl store.

From cushions to canvass
The zippers and foam,
I sewed in my basement
With no time to roam.

The fly bridge was next
On my list of repairs,
It had a soft spot
So I stripped it to bare.

Used sand bags for weights to hold skin down to re-attach with epoxy resin.
Peeling the skin up.
Fly bridge floor after grinding.

To get at the deck
With seats in the way,
I had to remove them-
They couldn’t stay.

The fiberglass skin
Was removed with a saw,
Scrapers and pry-bars
Until it looked raw.

E-pox-y resin and
Marine ply-wood,
Paint and sore muscles
It finally was good.

Cabin floor was also stripped and re-finished.

Up-grading electronics
Is next on the log,
A radio, some charts
And radar for fog.

Then we’ll pack up the boat
With gear from our truck,
Come Friday this week
I hope we’re not stuck.

With wind in the forecast
That may cause delays,
‘Cause Superior gets rough
With very large waves.

We might wait for a window
When the waters are calm,
Because if it’s flat
We’re gonna take mom.

The Fly Bridge before paint
After paint, but before trim-work (which is done now, but don’t have picts)

Weather or not
The winds are a-gust,
I’m excited to go
Fort Meyers or bust!

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