Columbus, AL – Demopolis

A friendly marina
In Columbus we stayed,
House batteries replaced
Then Stennis Lock we made…

Our way down the Tenn-Tom
Us tourists enroute,
Then Tom Bevill Center
To see what it’s about.

The Montgomery steamboat
A snagboat displayed,
And replica mansion
An hour we stayed.

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Sitting at the controls of the Montgomery Snagboat, a steam powered river boat where we spent an hour before going through the Tom Bevill Lock.

Soon after Tom Bevill
A 30 foot drop,
Cochrane was a cut-off
The main river we stopped.

This part of the Tenn-Tom
With oxbows both sides,
You have to be careful
Or you might take a ride…

Or get your boat grounded
And ruin your prop,
Needing a tow
For an unscheduled stop.

Next day was a short one
Twenty miles or so,
To Howell Heflin Lock
Tombigbee Ox Bow.

Anchored in current
No houses in sight,
A bridge up the river
Where we spent the night.

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Early morning leaving the anchorage. Cold and calm.

With frost on the railings
And deck down below,
A cold, chilly morning
At least it’s not snow.

The white cliffs of Epps
Were pretty to see,
Then ends the Tenn-Tom
Start Tombigbee.

The white Epps cliffs

Kingfisher Marina
Near Demopolis lock,
Spending 3 days
It’s a great stop.

A break from the river
And stock up on food,
Got water and groceries
We’re in a great mood.

Even though rainy
And not very nice,
A tour of Bluff Hall
For a very small price.

To see how they lived
So long ago,
In Mansions so roomy
The river below.

No photo description available.
The Bluff Mansion, over looking the river. This is a pile of dead bird bones that fell down the chimney. (the tour guide didn’t know about this and was a little embarrassed)

Tomorrow we leave here
With more sights to see,
Feel free to call us
Not sure where we’ll be.

Now before posting
This rhyme on the net,
Our plans took a turn
As right here we set.

The rain causing flooding
From here to Mobile,
Stranded on boats?
Now this is surreal!

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The tugboat “Albert”, moored along the river.
Image may contain: sky and outdoor
Most locks have the towers so the lock master can see what’s happening.
Image may contain: sky, mountain, cloud, outdoor, nature and water
8 barge tow, can carry as much as 450+ 18 wheeler equivalent loads.
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Bruce getting ready to go to shore and set his camera to catch a sunset on time lapse.
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Dining room in the Bluff house. Original plaster moulding around the ceiling. Original dinnerware from mid 1800s. The first microwave oven back right. It is a tin box that sits in front of the fire to keep food warm if someone is late for dinner.
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The winding Ten-Tom heading more or less southerly in a snake-like way. My boat is the small black triangle just below center.
Image may contain: sky, mountain, outdoor, nature and water
Image may contain: sky, outdoor, nature and water
White cliffs of Epps.
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We always fly the AGLCA flag. (American Great Loop Cruisers Assoc.) This way, other “Loopers” always know who is on the same page… a great conversation starter.

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