Brightening up and Modernizing Cabin and Staterooms


Sanding the varnish to rough it up in prep for painting

Inside of the boat
It is so dark
So my wife wants
To give it some spark

She says the cabin
Needs to be light
I agree to paint it
To avoid a fight

She carefully chooses
The right color paint
‘Cause she’s a designer
That’s something, I ain’t


I can handle the painting
Though I’m not a pro
I can brush it on
It’s a job I know

I proceed
With her suggestions
And ask her
No questions

Because as they say
If you make a happy wife
Then you have
A happy life
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Applying paint with roller, after brushing the detail

The Yooper Looper trawler is coming along, but now I’m wishing it was stored inside where I could get at it to get some more work done before springtime arrives. Oh well, some of the work will have to wait. Meanwhile I will finish up the drawer and door painting and continue planning our trip that we’ll take next fall. It’s still been fun fixing up and researching the possibilities, both for the trip itself and the different methods/options for boat improvements. Launch date: June 1st!
The more I think about it, the earlier I realize we should leave from here. In other words, I’d like to be here (at home) for the months of September and October for both of my youngest sons’ football games, but waiting until November to leave from here is out of the question… my boat has to be waaayyy south by November. This means I might have to leave here by the beginning of August to allow a whole month to get to St Louis, or beyond… like Paducah, MO., then drive, or fly back for a couple months.
I just did a quick calculation: From Lac La Belle to Paducah, MO is about 1200 miles by water, so that translates to 6 days of around the clock continuous running or 12 days of 12 hour per day. Of course I wouldn’t do either of those scenarios and besides there are delays for fuel stops, maintenance, touristing etc… so realistically, it’s a 3 week trip (or so). The bottom line is, I’d like to do this part of the trip before Labor Day, leave the boat there and come back home for the football season, then go back to Paducah in November to continue a (leisurely) tour, vacation, and relaxing boat ride down to Florida and decide what to do from there.
We most likely will spend a couple days in Nashville to see what that music town is about, and try to see an NFL game along the way, something me and my sons have never experienced. We’ll be looking for other ideas to keep the boys interested along the way.
Below are some pictures of my recent painting progress.
By the way, we are still looking for a supervisor at Designotype, (so the shop can continue to run in our absence) in case you know someone good who’s looking for a career. See details here or pass along this link:

Completed doors
Before and after doors
Completed drawers
Main helm wheel, needs some re-finishing

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