Winthrop Harbor to Seneca, IL

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Installed some graphics while waiting in Winthrop Harbor
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Installed a “tuned” prop and cutlass bearing also.

We pulled out of harbor
Imperfect conditions,
Brucey reluctant
I had contrition.

Wind from the South
Our course from North,
We bounced along
Keeping our course.

Six diesel cylinders
All pulling well,
We bounced along
Pushing through swells.

Six hours later
Took down the mast
Pulled into Chicago
It was a blast.

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Chicago harbor lighthouse, where we lowered our mast to get under some low bridges.

After the lock
Which dropped us 6 feet,
Under multiple bridges
Was really neat.

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Grandson Rodney as we lowered to “river” level at Chicago lock.

Seeing sky scrapers
And thousands of people,
Passing under bridges
Even a steeple.

Trump building ahead
Strategically placed,
Lined up with the river
With towering grace.


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Trump tower lined up straight with the lock and river direction, and a low bridge right off the bat!

Most interesting part
Of our trip to date,
I wished we could stay here
But it was too late.

Lots of boat traffic
But NO traffic lights,
In downtown Chicago
Just didn’t seem right.

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Many tour boats on the river since it was Saturday.

Great lakes behind us
Now that’s a relief,
The rivers are flatter
I’ll hear less grief.

Over the next
Several hours we see,
Industrial sights
And lots of trees.

A couple harry moments
With barges so long,
They hog the whole river
With thrust that is strong.

Even my trawler
Which weighs quite a bit,
Gets pushed around easily
Could give me a fit.

Now as we sit here
At Seneca city,
Not moving along
Seems like a pity.

Storms coming through
But safely at dock,
Wish we could motor
Through Marseilles lock.

The locks are all backed up
With barges and tows,
The lock-master tells us
We better not go.

So now as I think about
What I should write,
I stare out the window
And ponder our plight.

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My view…”out the window, as I ponder my plight.” (a 50 foot “Prestige” yacht.)
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Tight “air draft” under this bridge.
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One of many large and long “tows”
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I think this is an overhead pipeline?
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This is what pushes the long barges, secured tight to act as it’s propulsion.
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Going down another lock
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This “tow” was 4 barges long x 3 wide… 12 barges in all!

Image may contain: sky, bridge, cloud, outdoor and waterImage may contain: sky, outdoor and waterImage may contain: sky, cloud and outdoorImage may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor, water and natureImage may contain: sky, cloud, bridge, outdoor and waterImage may contain: sky, cloud, bridge, outdoor, water and natureImage may contain: sky, bridge, outdoor, water and nature

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  1. Keep up the journaling! Very interested in this adventure. I’ve mentioned to Steve, a time or two, that I’d like to travel the Mississippi some day. He is keeping an open mind about it.?

  2. Your trip looks very interesting. I must say that I had wondered why you’d be interested in making such a voyage. I’m enjoying the trip from my living room.

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