Starting Out on Yooper Too

It’s been seven months
Since I sold the Trawler,
And only three
Since buying another.

The Yooper Too

She’s a bit smaller
Than my Yooper Looper,
But I’ll get the job done
Though there’s only one pooper.

We did a shakedown
And I got my wish,
To Isle Royale
Where we caught some fish!

Isle Royale trip

This Nordic Tug boat
Needed attention,
To live aboard safely
Caused apprehension.

My pocket book flatter
Because it takes money,
Electronics and davits
And support from my honey.

Adding a railing
A windlass and motor,
Takes lots of time
It’s the life of a boater.

She’s named Yooper Too
Almost the same,
As Yooper Looper
From whence the name came.

Called a FAST trawler
As some people say,
Can cover more water
In the course of a day.

The plan to head west
Through Canadian waters,
Was spoiled by Covid
But don’t really matter.

We’ll just head south
Just like last year,
The old Mississip
Holds nothing to fear.

Now underway
As I’m telling my story,
Why don’t you join me
And share in the glory?

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