Underway And 1st Week

One Wednesday morning
We Left Lac La Belle,
Fished Stannard Rock
But didn’t do well.

Bruce and Rodney at Stannard Rock

Six hours later
At thirteen knots,
Then White Fish Point
Supper in the pot.

Sault Locks on Thursday
With no delays,
Bruce entertained us
On his Ukulele.

Wht Fish Point Light
A rudder from a shipwreck at White fish Point.
Sault Locks

Next at Saint Ignace
Met Captain Jim,
Diesel expensive
But won’t have to swim.

The Mackinaw bridge
As viewed from below,
Is quite a wonder
As my pictures show.

St Ignace Light

We went through the straits
With ships on both sides,
My tug hit their wakes
But I like how it rides.

Changing agenda
Because of the wind,
3 nights at Beaver Isle
My patience was thinned.

First night at anchor
And having my doubts,
Waves slapping and noisy
I let more rode out.

The anchor held strongly
And kept us in place,
The next day was better
Welcomed with grace.

Enjoying the island
We went for a ride,
Exploring the trails
The residents’ pride.

We went for an explore of Beaver Island.
An old jailhouse on the island
LOTS of little gardens like this on Beaver Island, nursed by a lady whose job it is to keep them going.

One hundred plus miles
To Sturgeon Bay,
Passed South Fox Island
Two nights we did stay.

Waiting for parts
That never came,
For my bow thruster
It’s broken, lame.

View from our boat window in Sturgeon Bay.
Sturgeon Bay USCG

Two Rivers last night
Then Port Washington,
And one more day
And we’ll be done.

Two Rivers

Going back home
We’ll resume in November,
We have lots of pictures
To help us remember.

Just offshore from Sheboygan
Chocolate chip cookies
Beaver Island
Saint Ignace
Just south of Beaver Isle

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