The Boats

Here is a side shot of the “Fishin Mission” as we were set up trolling at Isle Royale.

The Helm-N-Buoys, our 19 Foot Harbercraft is pretty seaworthy and well equipped.


Darz and Andy with our last catch of the year from Bete Grise on the Harbercraft


Shows the downriggers from the back as I was netting a Lake Trout at Isle Royale

Netting a nice 6 lb lake trout at Isle Royale.

This Marine Trader is my "Looper" boat. (Not a charter boat) But I can take "friends" anytime.

This Marine Trader is my “Looper” boat. (Not a charter boat) But I can take “friends” anytime.

The “Fishin’ Mission” is a comfortable 30′ Yacht with a large cockpit and plenty of room for up to 6. She is DNR inspected and approved, and equipped with the essential fishing equipment and safety gear, and comforts including a private head (bathroom). Electronics include radar so we can see in the fog, marine and weather radio to communicate with other vessels and the coast guard if needed, fish finder, temperature and speed probe for more pecise fishing, GPS with marine maps for accurate navigation, auto pilot, fire estinguishers, carbon monoxide detector system, and all of the other USCG apporved safety gear. She’ll get you out and back quickly and safely with the power of twin engines.


The helm of the Cruisers charter boat


Here's the royal head of the boat... nice and private!

Here’s the royal head of the Cruisers charter boat… nice and private!

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