“Thank you!  We loved our trip – more importantly, the groom loved the trip!

Back in the heat of Texas now, though :(  Missing that cool breeze off the top of Lake Superior.

 If/when I ever get back up that way – we will look you up for another trip.
 We immediately dropped those fish onto a grill and ate them up, sharing them with the rest of the wedding party.  It was a perfect day.  Thank you for helping make it!”



Mike and his crew after their day on the water. One Coho and lots of lake trout.

Thanks for the great charter. Will try to do again next year. Thanks to (deckhand) Doug as well.” 3-time client, Mike.


“Hi Brian,

Bob’s son with a nice Lake Trout. He later caught a small mouth bass in Lac La Belle.

“Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for your time on Friday with my family giving them a great fishing experience.  In my job role I work very closely with our safety department so I was very impressed with your safety orientation and explanation of all the safety features on the boat.

Additionally, the last charter boat I was on had a somewhat gruff captain which didn’t make for a great family friendly fishing experience.  Your personality, focus on safety and the family friendly environment you provided was great and greatly appreciated.

None of us can predict the weather and you certainly went above and beyond with the extra inland fishing time so I did not expect a discount so thank you very much for taking some of that into consideration.

I am not sure if or when we will make it back that far north but I will certainly be calling again for another fishing attempt and hoping that the weather cooperates better next time.

Thanks again for all you did.”



“Brian- most appreciation from our entire family of fishers for the
fine service and great experience.
Max’s 8 pounder was exciting, but so was every smaller fish!  You are
a quality guy.
Jack ain’t bad, either!
Best regards to you and family-”

Jim’s gang after the first day of fishing.

Jim’s second 1/2 of his family the next day.


Hi Brian,

Janice, Kathryn, and I truly enjoyed our fishing experience aboard the “Fishin Mission”. Definitely one of the highlights of our vacation. The salmon were great on the grill that evening. However, we all agreed that the lake trout cooked up the next day was the best! We were able to bring plenty of fish home with us to share with friends and family. You’re very patient and engaging (along with your son Andy) with ”inexperienced” fishermen like ourselves. The girls enjoyed choosing their lures and driving the boat too (they also thought your smoked fish was delicious!). We’ll definitely recommend Sand Point Charters to those looking for an awesome fishing experience. Thanks again for a memorable time, we hope do it again sometime.

p.s. I’ve attached a few pictures...


“”Hi Brian! We had such a great time fishing last summer! Tim and I are looking ahead at our schedule and hoping to be able to book another trip with you! Sharon and I had one of the best times we have had for awhile. I shipped 30lbs of lake trout home and though they were frozen everyone had enjoyed some fantastic lake Superior lake trout. We have recommended your service to anyone who has been interested.

Tim and Sharon with their limit of 10 fish for the day from Stannard Rock

The reason we went to Stannard Rock was because it is a rare opportunity to fish it without having heavy water.
Thank you again for a very memorable fishing trip. This is the first time I have ever chartered a fishing or hunting trip and I have to say that your service is A+. Your boat is comfortable, you are a safe and experienced captain and I hope your business does well. We plan on coming back next year and you can bet we would like to fish with you and your first mate and deck hand again.
Being a guide myself I can absolutely tell you that you have an excellent business. Regards”

Pat and Rob with their catch

“Just wanted to let you know I drove back a day early to use my day off to smoke the fish. I used a pickling spice brine overnight, let dry, and smoked at 180 deg. for 7 hours. An old captain in Grand Haven suggested a light brush of maple syrup just before done. The fish was fantastic! I can’t wait to share at work.
Thanks again for the wonderful experience. My dad and I talked about this trip for some time. It certainly lived up to the hype. If I can swing a fall trip this year I will know who to call.
It is not often that a father and son can get out and have as much fun as we did on july 5th. Thank you for the memories and we hope that we can do this again. Say hi to Walt. Good Luck!”

“We all enjoyed the time we spent out on the water. The fish tasted great and your son and you both were very enjoyable to be with. We will surely see you again next time we are up that way.” Cindy

Cindy’s Mother Helen with the biggest catch of the day… 13 pounds

“Great trip, hope to get back
one of these years!”
Susan and Martin

Susan Fighting a Laker