General Info

Here are 11 things to look for when booking a charter:

  • 1. A captain who is drug and alcohol free so you know he is ALWAYS sober to insure your safety.
  • 2. Comfort of the boat, including a private bathroom.
  • 3. Safety of the boat, especially to be sure the size is appropriate for your party, the conditions and lake fished. Also be sure the boat has AT LEAST 2 motors, in case of failure.
  • 4. Captain who has lived in the area his entire life, so he’s intimately familiar with it.
  • 5. Knowledge of the species and waters fished. Someone who LOVES to fish and “eats, breathes, and sleeps” fishing. Not just during the summer, but year around, dreams about fishing and how to improve.
  • 6. When visiting an UN-familiar area, Captain’s History knowledge of the area is always a bonus.
  • 7. A captain and crew who prepare the boat and fishing gear beforehand and is always on time for departures.
  • 8. Get a captain who is a member of a charter boaters association so he’s up to date with the latest requirements.
  • 9. One who will keep your fish COLD and will fillet and bag them at no extra charge and is affiliated with local restaurants who can LEGALLY cook them for you.
  • 10. One who is intimately familiar with the fishes habits and can fish effectively for several species, both inland and big water fish.
  • 11. A charter service that has more than one boat to provide more options in case of inclement weather or able to fish multiple bodies of water depending on conditions.

Sand Point Charters, LLC (Phone: 906-370-2257) will provide a fun and relaxing day on the inland lakes or Lake Superior away from the daily stress. You will enjoy fishing on Lake Superior, lighthouse cruises, scenic tours or catch trophy fish or just soak up the sun aboard the 30 foot “Fishin Mission” or the 19 foot “Helm-N-Buoys” . It’s perfect for fishing for lake trout, or seeing some of the lake’s old lighthouses and Keweenaw’s beautiful shoreline. On Lake Superior, Lake Trout is the most common catch, (see my post on “Dispelling the Myth… Eating Lake Trout) but we also catch many Coho Salmon, some Steelhead and King Salmon and an occasional Brown Trout. Walleye, small mouth bass, pike, crappie, rock bass or perch are all possibleĀ on Lac La Belle.

We will give you some history of the local shipwrecks and lighthouses of Lake Superior a as you enjoy your day on the water. Catch trophy lake trout at Stannard Rock if you are one of the more adventuresome, as the “Rock” is 35 miles offshore, but holds some of the largest lake trout in the “Big Lake.”

Your charter can be as custom-designed as you like it, or choose from our many standard trips on the “Rates” page. We will take you alone, or up to a party of 6 on our very comfortable and safe 30 foot Cruiser or a smaller party onĀ the 19 foot Harbercraft. We also make trips to Stannard Rock Lighthouse, Huron Island, Granite Rock. These are all offshore that cannot be seen except by boat. The season starts in the spring after the ice is gone and goes to late fall before snowfall.

Book early, as our summer fills up fast especially the month of July and the first 1/2 of August.

Manitou Island Lighthouse at the east end of Manitou

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Mendota Lighthouse in Bete Gris

Copper Harbor Lighthouse