How to Set-up a Spin-n-Glow and Herring Dodger

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Since the Spin-n-Glow has been one of my preferred lures for trolling, I wanted to show how I put them together. A video is the best way to demonstrate and explain so I recorded one and put it up on You Tube here. I like to use the spinner instead of just a fly, or skirted hook, because it gives it a little more flash and pulsations, therefore it attracts the fishes attention in two ways… sight and sound. You may have a favorite smelling attractant to add the olfactory sense too, but I don’t use them. I’ve experimented with some sprays and pastes, but I don’t use them on a regular basis, so I can’t recommend them.

For lake trout colors, I like the white with prism chartreuse or blue combinations. If going after steel head, I’d use orange colors a lot and for coho salmon I like to run with pinks.

I always run these behind some kind of attractor like a Luhr-Jensen herring dodger and try to match the color with the spinner color… or just use silver or “trash can” color.

Some of these can be purchased from Northwoods Sporting Goods in Hancock. They have a few on hand, but not shown on their website.

For more variety try: Cabalas

One of my favorites online is Jannsnetcraft, but they don’t have the spinner part, but have lots of skirts, hooks and beads.

Or Bass Pro Shop

Or Terminal Tackle

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