Loooooong Over Due Up-date

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You may think I have not been fishing with the pandemic going on, but the truth is, I’ve just been lazy about posting. Here is a little compilation of fishing picts and what we have been catching lately with our Lake Superior trolling. There has been a pretty good mix lately with our first Coho Salmon today, several steel head, a couple kings (Chinook)and plenty of lake trout. We have not seen a brown trout or Splake for a few weeks, although if we specifically targeted them, closer to shore, I’m sure we could pick some up. Catches have been mostly suspended fish – about  20 to 35 feet down in water depths of 40 to 150 feet of water. Spin Doctors with a fly has worked well and spoons in the greens and pinks. Planer boards with 3 to 5 color lead-core and dypsy divers with 50 feet or so out have worked well. Lately, I have also used a slider diver with 75 feet behind it, then let out 40 to 50 feet of line and pulling a medium to small sized spoon. I also added some picts from Alabama fishing last January.Guy - fog
Dwyane Adam and Stan Boy and King Boys Darly again Daryl

Girls Greg and daughter Girland King girl n laker Girl and laker Girl and kings Boya nd king

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Brian is the owner and Captain of Sand Point Charters, LLC. He also owns and operates Designotype Printers, Inc. with his wife, Margaret. They have a cottage on Lac La Belle that can be rented by the week in the summertime.

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