ONE of My Favorite Lake Trout Fishing Methods

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A couple years ago, I posted some pictures and text about how we jig for lake trout at Isle Royale and Stannard Rock. (Here is that post) Today I did a video on it to explain the set-up a little more in detail.

How to jig for lake trout with a hand line:

It’s an effective way to fish, especially when ice fishing or drift bobbing, or even anchoring. The most productive has been to drift, if the wind is light and the current is not too strong. In those cases, you have to anchor and hope you end up over some fish. We’ve caught trout in the 20 lb range with this method, but the trophy size lakers will break your line… the mono.

Perhaps a better way is to use a short jigging rod with non-stretch line and a good level wind reel, with the drag set, not too tight. That way you have a fighting chance on the big ones, but the disadvantage is it’s harder to feel the bite, if the fish is smaller.

My son Leo caught this lake trout at Isle Royale on a hand line.

Leo’s Isle Royale Laker last summer. His largest ever, caught on a hand line.


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