Last Fishing day on Bete Grise for the year

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2 of my kids took a day off of school on Friday to “work” with me on the water… explore new areas and look for spawning lakers.
We launched under a light rain at 9 am, but the forecast was for nice weather for the day and by the time we dropped lines, it was very pleasant for the end of October.
We tried jigging along the shore, between Bare Bluff and the public beach over nice looking rocky areas, but saw no fish and got nothing there. We then trolled along the shore almost up to Smiths, but still nothing. The surface water temp was 50.5 almost everywhere on the “Big lake”… still too warm for spawning. I’m looking for around 45 degrees.
The kids wanted to fish Lac La Belle, but I said lets try for lakers in 100 feet around the Langham. We only had one working downrigger, so we fished only that one line for an hour or so and caught 3 nice laker trout.
After this, my crew still wanted to fish the “Belle”, so we tried a few places… 1/2 hour total. There were many fish showing on sonar, but no bites.
My boat is still ready for more fishing this fall if anyone wants to go! Lakers shold be spawning soon.

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About Brian Helminen

Brian is the owner and Captain of Sand Point Charters, LLC. He also owns and operates Designotype Printers, Inc. with his wife, Margaret. They have a cottage on Lac La Belle that can be rented by the week in the summertime.

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