More fishing on Bete Grise for Lake Trout

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On Monday we had both of my boats out with a large family from the Detroit area. Glenn, Coleen and kids. Did a little agate hunting on Manitou besides some fishing.Ended up with 5 lake trout, one was a 7 pounder and the rest were average for this area. The big one was boated on a dypsy diver with Silver Streak spoon with white glow on the back.

There have been a lot of suspended fish lately. My glows still seen to be doing well when fishing deep.
Tuesday was a little windy and we trolled on my Harbercraft for only 35 minutes or so before architchural engineer Moranda got sick and said she had enough. We then fished the rest of the morning and into the afternoon on Lac La Belle and caought many small mouth bass, pike and perch. We kept the perch for bait and used them later to catch and release several smallies and pike. Moranda and environmental engineer Glenn enjoyed the day on the water even though we had to cut the pursiut of trout short.

The next day was too windy to fish effectively, so had to postpone a trip. Thursday morning was spent on Bete Grise with student from the quad cites Chris and fiancee Elaina. (his dad, Coast Guard Auxillary man Don) was not able to fish due to an over-active bowel. After a guarantee that we would catch fish, we came back with only 2 after throwing one back. Lost the big one (9-5/8 lbs.) just 29 feet behind the boat! When Chris was having a hard time reeling in, I coached him on pumping the rod and winding in as he lowers the rod, but fish must have gotten slack just as he broke the surface.

Neighbor (investment rip) John and I fished the evening and caught 4 lake trout. I tried to recruit a few more guy on short notice to no avail. (all weak excuses, but hey, if you don”want to fish, that’s ok too)

This morning I was able to scare up 3 guys to do some exploratory fishing. It was a little slow, but came in with 5 lakers after releasing one.
No steelies or Coho. One of the boys is askeing about fishing, but I have the feeling he wants to fish lac la belle and I’d like to troll the big lake.
Going out to see lighthouses and mix in some fishing tomorrow with a family from Poplar Wisconsin… should be fun!

See more photos on my “Gallery” page.

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