Past 2 Days of fishing on Lake Superior for Coho and Lake Trout

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This is what came in on the lure after loosing big fish! Half Digested!

Yesterday we fished with a family of 4 from Traverse City and had a nice day on the water, with very flat seas. The weather was warm and sunny and although we fished for several hours, we only managed to boat 2 small lake trout.
My strategy was to go directly to one of my favorite spots, where we had been catching many lake trout,, and if successful, after a few hours, we would fish in closer on the way home. This way, I thought we’d have a chance to try for Coho after getting our fill of catching lakers. As it turned out, fishing was slow and the picture shows the whole catch.
Today, we changed it up a little, fishing for Coho near Bare Bluff for an hour, where we caught one Coho and one laker, then went to the same area as yesterday. On this outing, we got into pretty many fish… and coming home with 5 lakers and one Coho.
Things could have been even much better, though, because we lost some very nice fish. Bill Jr, fought one of them for about 5 minutes and got it up to the surface before losing it. As he was pulling in his line, about 50 feet behind the boat, I noticed that there was something white coming in with the lure. The weirdest thing is, his lure came in with a 12 inch, half digested herring that had gotten pulled out of the belly of the much larger fish that he lost. I never saw anything like it!
Later, we had a double header going, but only landed one of those 2 fish. There was lots of excitement and they went home with many meals of fish. The largest fish was a lake trout at 5.5 lbs and the Coho was 3 lbs.
I added to their “take home” with some of my own previously smoked fish.
More “single fish” pictures will be posted as I get them processed, but I forgot to get a final picture with all of them together… sorry.
Also, be sure to check the “Gallery” page for more pictures later on.

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