Saturday night and Sunday afternoon Lake Trout out of Copper Harbor

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Fished with Terry and his son-in-law on Saturday night near Horshoe Harbor near Copper Harbor. We could see some nice thermoclines on the sonar at about 140 feet below surface, so we fished below that. 3 Lakers in a couple hours of “rough seas” fishing was not bad. Mark, the son-in-law caught the first one and almost immediately after that he got sea sick, in spite of the dramamine that he took. Waves were big enough to wash over the bow a couple of times and nearly went airborne on the way back.

Sunday afternoon, Andy, my 8 year old and a family of two young boys fished near Horshoe Harbor again and caught about 4 fish. From there we fished a few places around the point and brought home 8 lakers, but released one small one… actually I lost it when trying to hoist it in without the net. It was so small that we would have released it anyway. Wow, what a lot of fun with the young boys, Zander and Josh, having so much enthusiasm for fishing. Check out the picuture of Josh holding his first fish like a teddy bear.

Water temps were around 66 on the surface and 55 at 100 feet below. The thermoclines were below that.

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