Another New Fishing Device – Stern Planer

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The TX-007 Stern Planer, made by Church Tackle is one of the latest additions to my fishing arsenal.

See my video here: Brian’s Video of the Stern Planer on YouTube

Stern Planer
The reason I bought them is to enable me to fish a specific depth from the surface down to about 20 feet – far behind my boat. With this device, I can set the depth that I want to fish, then let my line way out behind the boat and still maintain that pre-set depth. In other words, I’ll use a snap weight (see pictures below) 25 to 30 feet in front of the lure and let out the proper amount of line to take it down to 10 feet, then clip on the stern planer. Now, I can feed line out as far as I want… perhaps 300 feet or so, and my bait will still be at 10 feet.
With this set-up, I can fish water where the fish have forgotten the disturbance of my boat passing by. This is especially important when fishing during the daylight hours when the water is calm or when fishing skittish species.

They only weight 3 oz and create very little drag on your line, so little that, often, you can still see the action of the lure at the tip of your rod.
There are a couple different ways to set them up for use and the directions that come on the label show it pretty well.
The cost of this trolling device is about $20

Snap Weights SnapWeights2

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