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“Fish-Eye-Views” of Trolling Spoons – Underwater

Well, it’s still snowing here in the Keweenaw and we have over 4 feet of ice on the lakes, but I’m having fun in my basement, testing and researching in order to improve next summers’ fishing on Lake Superior. I’ll be taking a boatload out to Stannard Rock on Memorial weekend and many more charters […]

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image of sand point charters test tank and lures

Testing, and Teaching How Different Weight Hooks Affect Lure Action

Lately, my line of  work (pun intended and not a bad, “4 letter word” in my line, it’s having fun) in by basement, testing and experimenting with lures and hook weights.  

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Improve your Terminal Tackle Selection

In preparing for the summer trolling for lake trout on Lake Superior, your tackle needs to be properly prepared. Get the proper sized snaps, bead swivels or bearing swivels to match your lures so that the action isn’t negatively affected. I’ve seen lots of “wrong-sized” and cheap, ineffective terminations over the years and using the […]

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Another New Fishing Device – Stern Planer

The TX-007 Stern Planer, made by Church Tackle is one of the latest additions to my fishing arsenal. See my video here: Brian’s Video of the Stern Planer on YouTube The reason I bought them is to enable me to fish a specific depth from the surface down to about 20 feet – far behind […]

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Torpedo Diver Weights for Trolling

I’m always striving to increase our take of Lake Trout, Steel Head and Coho salmon. (and Small Mouth Bass and Pike too) At the fishing show in Grand Rapids over the weekend, I spent 2 days wandering the floor and attending seminars and workshops to pick up new gear and fishing tips. I did a […]

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How to Set-up a Spin-n-Glow and Herring Dodger

Since the Spin-n-Glow has been one of my preferred lures for trolling, I wanted to show how I put them together. A video is the best way to demonstrate and explain so I recorded one and put it up on You Tube here. I like to use the spinner instead of just a fly, or […]

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Hook Removal Technique

Since I run a fishing charter on Lake Superior, there is always the possibility of getting hooks embedded into flesh… human flesh, that is. I’ve been lucky out on the water, however, I’ve had to remove a couple on shore, one on a 4 year old boy and one on myself. The youngster was on […]

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ONE of My Favorite Lake Trout Fishing Methods

A couple years ago, I posted some pictures and text about how we jig for lake trout at Isle Royale and Stannard Rock. (Here is that post) Today I did a video on it to explain the set-up a little more in detail. How to jig for lake trout with a hand line: It’s an […]

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My Lure Boxes and Why I Prefer Them

Here is my lure box, usually called a tackle box, but I use this mainly for storing my trolling spoons, thus I refer to it as my “lure box.” I prefer this set-up over traditional lure storage for several reasons: 1. I don’t have to open the lid and look through drawers or racks of […]

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Hooked on Fish(ing) and Reducing Your Lost Fish

Whenever you take time out to fish you expect your day to be enjoyable and most days spent fishing are fun. Granted, the slowest day of fishing always beats the best day at work (with “work” defined as what some people do for a living that they don’t particularily enjoy). Even so, nobody wants to […]

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