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Smoking Lake Trout, Steelhead, Kings and Coho Salmon

Not only do I live to fish, but smoking them is fun as well. (Yes, I do mean LIVE to fish, but I also LOVE to fish)

By smoking them, I’m not talking about lighting them as my “no-brother-good-in-law” likes to say… “I like smoking fish too, but I always have a hard time getting them lit.”

Last Saturday, I pulled about 10 lbs of lake trout and Alaskan coho salmon from the freezer in order to get them ready for smoking. All fish is frozen as fillets, sometimes with the skin on and sometimes not.

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Lake Trout Fishing Tips and How to Catch Lake Trout

Lakers, as we call them, live in cold water from 40 to 52 degrees Farenheit. Generally they stay on the bottom, but will sometimes be found suspended when the water temp is at their preferred temperature. In the winter, under the ice they will usually be right on the bottom. Also, in the mid-summer, after the water warms up, they will again be on the bottom. But in the spring after the ice goes, until mid-summer when the water warms up past the 50 degree mark they can be found suspended anywhere in the water column.

Lakers feed more in the mid-morning hours, but can be caught all day long by jigging, trolling or casting. Leaded jigs with a piece of artificial or real bait attached, and jigged on the bottom catches lot of lake trout.

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Lessons Learned From the Lure Test Tank

Some have asked, “So what good is your test tank?” in various ways, some with sarcasm in their voice. Besides being fun to build on the off-fishing season, there is a lot to be learned from testing lures. (see this facebook page for a video of the test tank) One was “… does it measure […]

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Lure testing tank project

My lure test tank is coming along well. I received the parts from QC Supply.  a very good reputable company, but the elbows were not in stock and had to be made, hence I had to wait a little. I used 12 inch pvc air duct, and it’s not for intended for high pressure application, but […]

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Maximizing lines, Cover the Whole Water Column and a Wide Swath of Water

When trolling for trout and salmon, especially in deeper water and when fishing is slow, it’s a good idea to cover the whole water column in order to maximize your catch rate and find the fish more quickly. In fact it gives you and your partners something to do when things are slow until you […]

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Three most important Tips for catching lake trout (lakers)

Here’s a nice laker that Leo caught at Isle Royale last summer with a hand line, jigging the bottom in 130 feet of water. Here is my best advice on maximizing catch rates of lake trout in order of importance: 1. Get your bait where the fish are. You may think this goes without saying, […]

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Testing lures for maximizing lake trout catch rates

In the summers, when I am out trolling in Lake Superior with my kids or by myself, I am exploring (fishing) for better and more effective ways to catch fish. Not only do I try new areas, but varying speeds, new lures and different techniques. I’ve spent hours dragging lure after lure by the side […]

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Smoking Lake Trout, Coho Salmon and Steelhead

Taking a day off to smoke some fish. My smoker is a propane fired, 4 rack box with a small chip box to create smoke from apple chunks. You can see the wood pieces on the top. I use only one slice of wood, or only enough to fill the small chip box once, to […]

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Safety, and MUST HAVE, Equipment for Your Boat

  The summer, and boating/fishing season is almost upon us, and in order to enjoy it on your boat, you need to be prepared. Aside from the fact that some of the items are required by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) they just make sense to have along so you’re covered in case of […]

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Which is best for fishing for Lake Trout?

One would think that newer, nice looking Diamond King lure would work better than the old and worn out one, but these lures are almost identical (both Diamond Kings, same colors and size) and the one with the peeling paint still outproduces the new one. We all have out favorites and some of us have/need/want […]

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