Sport and Recreation show in Grand Rapids, MI

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P3200388Wow, what an exiting weekend in the city! I spent a few days at the annual Grand Rapids Sport and Rec show, helping out at the Michigan Charter Boaters Association (MCBA) booth. Kids and adults enjoyed the fishing simulator where you could choose a species of fish to fight and try to score the best in order to win one of two free 4-hour fishing charters for 4 people. This fishing simulator was at the MCBA booth, where the money collected goes to the MCBA scholarship fund. It was my first experience with a simulator and the fight is just as real as any fish I ever fought out on the lake. The only difference is that the floor does not rock like a boat and landing the fish was done by the video and not with my own 2 hands. Check out the look on some more of the kids’ faces on my gallery page.
The carvers are really amazing and talented craftsmen. Some of the carvings are hard to tell the difference between the real thing and the wooden heart.
The stuffed animals and fish were also neat to see. I have included a few photos of some of the best.
Smoked fish, smoked meats, yummy nuts and free massages, lots of boats, charter fishing services and resorts, live deer and a bear cub, fishing pond, fly-casting pond and many other miscellaneous vendors were among the fun.
The seminars were well attended and very informative, for the novice and professional alike. There were seminars on walleye fishing, bass, kings and Coho salmon, lake trout. It’s always worthwhile listening to others in the same field, because we all do things a little differently and can learn from each other. I especially learned from the pros that taught their best fishing techniques on trolling the great lakes. I can’t wait to test out the tips that I learned. My only regret is that I was not able to attend the workshops that were held on walleye fishing and deep water trolling. I’m sure they would have been very much worth the time and minimal fees.
Also, they covered hunting techniques, taxidermy and carving for those interested. There were demonstrations on dog rescue and training.
I also enjoyed the show floor where vendors had all of their latest and greatest fishing (and proven stand-by) gear on display and on sale.
Make plans to attend next year and bring your credit card to stock up on supplies for your outdoor activity. I know I will!

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